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Say hello to
healthy habits
and shift your health story.

Are you tired of struggling on your health journey and still feeling stuck?

Our flagship program is all about writing a new story and making heart-centered health changes that last.

Begin the journey you truly want to take towards peace and balance without dropping your vision to take care of everyone else.

Find your calm and feel better while you put your wellbeing first.

Gain confidence as you move your health forward and reach new milestones.

Inspire others by living authentically and unapologetically.

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What Makes Us Different?

We join you wherever you are and help you align your health in a way that's best for your wellbeing. Before you invest in another treatment, online course, or book, spend time investing in and (re)connecting with yourself in our flagship Whole Health program.

Start making health changes rooted in authenticity and finally pick the destinations on your journey.

Don’t worry this isn’t a solo trip, naturopathic Dr. Emily Mohar is by your side while you learn and practice the three essential elements to shift your health story and habits:

1. Trust yourself

2. Align your attention

3. Act with intention

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It feels like we already know you.

You've been on a long health journey, but haven't really gotten anywhere. You’re stuck in an exhausting cycle because you can't seem to reach your own health goals.

You're great at taking care of everyone else, but it's hard to make time for yourself. Sometimes (okay, lots of the time) your health takes the back seat.

You're trying to break the habit of letting yourself down and you're flexing your self-care muscle more, but you know you can feel better. Does it have to be like this forever?


You aren't broken. It's not you.

In fact, if you're just about ready to break up with the health and wellness world or if you've had enough of everyone's mainstream and alternative suggestions, you're in the right spot. 

This is a safe place where you can admit that you're frustrated, especially if nothing has worked after all this time.

We get it, your giant binder of test results and cupboard full of expensive supplements are lousy souvenirs. Worse, you might not have any answers that make sense. It sucks to get started, feel subtle changes, and then be back at square one when they don't last.

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Here’s the problem:

Health and wellness providers are sending you on a journey they want you to take. It's based on what they know and their biases.

You as a person aren't taken into account.

You buy their expert directions, trusting it's the best route to get you to where you want to be.

But this gamble gets old when you never arrive at your destination. You're stuck facing a fork in the road: invest more time and money or find a new provider and re-start the whole process over again.

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It's time for a new approach.

Your body is wonderfully complex. This means that health isn't as simple as entering an address in your GPS. You can't follow turn-by-turn directions and arrive there. "Optimal health" isn't a rental vacation home you can save up for, request, and book.

A health journey is more like a choose-your-own-adventure story. You make choices each moment in time based on what you know. Sometimes the unexpected happens and your whole life changes. Even when you're doing the best you can, there are obstacles, setbacks, or new challenges that might appear.

Considering all these variables, we believe there's no perfect way to be healthy. No single thing that works for everyone all the time. If there were an easy to follow plan we’d all know about it and you wouldn’t be here.

Instead of selling you a one-size-fits-most protocol, we’re interested in getting to know you.

We join you wherever you are in your own story and help you align your health in a way that's best for your wellbeing.

There are infinite possibilities of what could be, so let's make sure you're enjoying the adventure.

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Meet Dr. Emily and Denise

We are a mother-daughter duo here to shake things up.

As healthcare providers, we've seen where western medicine has its limits. We've also seen the damage caused by the wellness industry selling health as a status symbol.

We believe health is about balance, not perfection. You don't need to transform into something other than yourself to become healthy.

Instead, we focus on heart-centered health changes. By aligning your attention and taking intentional action, you will grow into the fullest (therefore healthiest) version of you.

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Let's Work Together

Get an all-access pass to Dr. Emily as you work together one on one in our Whole Health program.

The process:

Gain insight, get organized and get living the life that you want no matter where you're starting from with a naturopathic doctor by your side.

Receive customized support, feedback, and accountability as you learn and practice the three essential elements needed to make heart centered health changes:

-Trusting yourself

-Aligning your attention

-Acting with intention

The program has eight milestones that guide you to grow into the next you.

Plus, individual natural health recommendations are woven throughout the process.

What happens when you start making heart-centered health changes?

By shifting your health story you will change your whole life.

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What Clients Say

This brand new approach systematically combines our favorite elements that we use to help clients have healing breakthroughs. It's everything we want more of during a medical visit.

By working with us and learning just a few of these elements, our clients have said:

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Emily and Denise are very knowledgeable about their topics. I learned some actionable tips that I have implemented in my daily routine. Simple yet effective.

In a creative and informative manner I learned extremely useful and interesting information about how my environment, the things I consume, and the things I project are reflected in my health. In that reflection, I can take control. I can become well.

Truly life changing. I could feel a definite deep calmness at my core. This will be one of those milestones in life that I’ll tap into when I need to rekindle that deep peaceful and calm feeling. Thank you!

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