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What happens when you start making heart-centered health changes?

By shifting your health story you will change your life.

  • Unlock authenticity by trusting yourself and valuing your intuition

  • Find your voice and feel the peace that comes from being heard and understood

  • Align your attention to easily stay balanced and focused

  • Generate motivation and use your strengths to have more time, energy, and speed up success

  • Stop your usual self-sabotaging behaviors in their tracks

  • Form long lasting habits that will become second-nature

  • Build your confidence by moving your health journey forward and reaching new milestones

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How does it work?

Dr. Emily is by your side for 8-sessions while you learn and practice the three essential elements to shift your health story:

1. Trust yourself

2. Align your attention

3. Act with intention

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It's time to shift your story

Get 8-sessions of individualized support from Dr. Emily as you complete the program.

  •  Reach a new milestone each session so you're always making progress.

  • Flexible timeline. You get up to one call per week with Dr. Emily and have up to 4-months to redeem all sessions.

  • Each milestone includes self-inquiry assignments that you complete on your own time. They may include journal prompts, self-discovery quizzes, or short activities.

  • There are up to 3 actionable assignments per milestone. You can spend under an hour or as long as you’d like engaging in the material. Like learning anything new, you’ll get more out of it the more you put in.

  • Each milestone culminates in a call with Dr. Emily. You'll discuss your insights and engage in the material for even more clarity. After your call, you’ll get the new materials for your next milestone.

  • Confused, stuck, or excited along the way? Take advantage of your all-access pass and send us an email saying so!

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What you learn:

The program has eight milestones that guide you to grow into the next you. Master the art of making authentic, heart-centered health changes by clarifying your vision of the future. Learn how to leverage your energy and time to avoid stress and overwhelm.

The Eight Milestones

1. Honor your history

2. Escape expectations

3. Welcome your wants

4. Embrace what’s easy

5. Use your uniqueness

6. Expand your energy

7. Nurture your needs

8. Harmonize your habits & and track your triumphs

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Self-paced but with accountability

Instead of throwing everything at you, we go through one milestone at a time. This prevents overwhelm and keeps you focused. Self-inquiry and mindset work never end, so you’ll have countless opportunities to practice, as you keep moving forward.

If self-paced usually means unfinished for you, don’t worry Dr. Emily won’t let you ghost her. Accountability is built-in. Plus Milestone #5 is all about figuring out the ways you stand in your own way and block your growth. We’ll be exploring that tendency in this program and find ways to help you overcome it.

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Ready to Sign Up?

Book a call with Dr. Emily to answer your questions and discuss specifics to see if this program is a good fit for you.

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