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Our Story

Westside Natural Health is all about you, your journey, and your wellbeing.

This business was born out of a desire to change how we practice medicine. We're done pushing our processes on you. We're rewriting our healthcare story by ditching the conventional algorithms and formulaic treatments.

We've moved from a whole-body holistic approach to a whole-life holistic approach.


Because your health story and life story go hand in hand. The better you feel, the truer you'll show up for the people and things you love. The more you step into your fullest self by doing what you love and spending time with those you enjoy, the better you will feel. It's a cycle that's all connected.

The way that we live to feel our best will not be the way that makes you feel your best. And that's okay. Your uniqueness is your strength. When you're living in alignment of body, mind, and spirit you will feel good and make healthier choices.

We can't fix you or help you become something other than yourself. The more you connect with who you are and what you want, the more aligned you'll be living and the better you will feel.

The way we take care of ourselves day-to-day isn't always picture perfect. We are human. We love walking in nature, digging in the garden, and relaxing. We also sometimes eat gluten, stay up too late, and skip our vitamins. We aim to live in an authentic and balanced way that works for us want to share that philosophy with you.

You don’t need to become anyone else to be healthy; you need to become more yourself.

We're here to celebrate you and your story.

About Us: About Me
WNH Emily Mohar.jpg

Dr. Emily Mohar

Licensed Naturopathic Doctor
Inspired by the future and loves problem solving

Graduate of Bastyr University in Seattle, WA

Completed a 2-year Naturopathic primary care residency

Coffee drinker, taco eater, and wild food forager

WNH Denise Mohar.jpg

Denise Mohar

Chief Medical Officer
Certified Nurse Practitioner
Lifelong learner and collector of stories, knowledge, and people

Over 30 years of clinical experience in geriatric care
Animal lover, all-weather hiker, and nature photographer

About Us: Team Members
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