Naturopathic Doctor and herbalist formulated organic tea blends 

Dr. Emily Mohar partnered with herbalist Jeremy Summer to formulate a selection of all-organic herbal tea blends. Each ingredient is intentionally chosen to offer specific herbal actions and contribute to the overall taste profile of the blend. These teas make a great addition to your current health routine. They can be added as the liquids in smoothies, enjoyed cold-brewed throughout the day, or sipped slowly during self-care activities.  

Current Blends


Calming, anti-anxiety, and muscle, relaxing. Mildly floral with a gentle taste profile. Energetically feels like you are getting wrapped in warm hug or cozy blanket.


Regulates stress response and supports the immune system. This warming blend is fruity and earthy. Great warm or as a latte with the milk of your choice.


Cooling, nervous system relaxing, mineral rich. This blend is hemp and cannabis free but was created using other herbs that have been proven to act on CB receptors or tonify the endocannabinoid system.

Ordering Info

Please email with all wholesale order inquiries.

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